CAD/CAM Technology

Peebles Prosthetics, Inc. offers the latest in CAD technology and training assistance.

If you are new to digital dentistry, we will waive remake charges on digital STL cases during your first month (single posterior unit cases only) and 10% off all digital STL cases the second month! Contact us at

We accept standard STL files for open systems.

Chris Valdez

Chris Valdez


If you are new to digital dentistry Peebles will view your first 5 scans while the patient is still present. Saving patients from returning as a result of incomplete scans.

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Introducing the iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner
Proven Imaging Precision.

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is synonymous with high precision. Now, the iTero® Element™ scanner is engineered to deliver everything that doctors love about iTero scanners in a compact footprint with even bigger capabilities. The iTero Element scanner is designed to put the latest technology at your fingertips and make intraoral scanning fun.

  • Log into your Cadent itero account. (
  • Add Peebles Prosthetics Inc. to your scanner menu. The next time you log into the scanner Peebles will be available to send patient scans.
  • Complete the online patient Rx. Complete the patients scan. Select Peebles Prosthetics Inc. as lab to send case to. (for additional help call 1-800-755-8767)

3M Intraoral Scanner

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner—available in mobile or cart editions—offers unparalleled accuracy, ease of use and affordability for making fast, precise digital dental impressions. Proven to be more accurate and more consistently accurate than other leading intraoral scanners*, our 3D-in-motion video technology generates a true replica of your patient’s oral anatomy—giving you more visibility intraoral scanning for greater patient satisfaction.

  • Log into your 3M Connection Center Account that was created when your scanner was installed.
  • Make certain that Peebles Prosthetics Inc. is available under Scanner Laboratory Menu.
    (if not please contact 3M Digital Impression Customer Service at 1-877-722-6528)
  • Complete the patient scan, select Peebles Prosthetic Inc. profile. Complete the True Definition online Rx. Upload the scan data to the 3M Communication Center.


Fast and comfortable

TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy for dentists and assistants ensuring optimal comfort for patients and reduced chair time. A recent study with forty-three patients showed that 16.3% disliked conventional impressions and none disliked scanning with TRIOS.

Documented high accuracy

Ensure optimal treatment results and fit for your patients. 3Shape TRIOS delivers high accuracy on single units, quads as well as full arch, as documented by several comparative university studies.

  • Log into your 3Shape communication account. ( Click on “Connections” at the top tool bar. Search for lab by entering then click “Find” button. In search results select Peebles Prosthetics Inc.
  • Read the confidentiality agreement, select “I agree” and then select “Connect”. Peebles will accept your request (this can take up to 24 hours).
  • Once the request has been accepted by Peebles, go to CONFIGURE>LAB CONNECTIONS> Hit refresh button, Peebles Prosthetics Inc. will automatically show up in your preferred labs.
  • Complete patient RX, add Peebles Prosthetics Inc. in top bar for selected lab. Complete the patient scan and hit send.

CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner

Harness the power of digital scanning and discover a smarter way to scan with the CS 3600—the intraoral scanner that delivers vibrant, full-color HD 3D images to help you achieve outstanding clinical results.

Accuracy is the combination of two important and complementary elements: trueness and precision. Trueness refers to whether a measurement matches the actual quantity being measured, while precision indicates the ability of that measurement to be consistently repeated.

  • Log into CS Connection as Dentist. ( in the toolbar click (pic). In the partners window select invite a partner.
  • In the email field enter, click send.
  • Complete patient scan. In the case list, select the case and click (pic). In the case submission dialog box, select Peebles Prosthetics Inc. Select terms of use acceptance check box. Click submit. (for additional help call 1-877-624-6243)