Peebles Premier Ceramics

Peebles Premier Ceramics believes in offering the latest in ceramic technology as well as conventional materials to fabricate our Crown and Bridge Restorations. We understand your patients expect high quality crowns and bridges from you. We are here to help you exceed your patient’s expectations every time using the highest quality Porcelains, IPS e.max, Zirconia and cast materials to achieve esthetic restorations that are durable and functional.

Life-Like Zirconia

  • Highly Esthetic Monolithic Zirconia
  • Flexural Strength of 600 MPa
  • Available from Digital and Traditional Impressions
  • Dentin shade Highly Recommended

All Ceramic

There’s great versatility in application for All ceramic restorations. Life-like esthetic, impeccable long-lasting flexural strength and precise fit.

  • IPS e.max Monolithic*
  • IPS e.max layered*
  • One piece Zirconia
  • Layered Zirconia
  • Veneers (review prep guide)

* IPS e.max is a registered trademark


This tried-and-true restorative option takes on a fresh appearance with GC America porcelain and top-of-the-line alloys from Jensen and Argen. A seamless blend of strength and esthetics, our PFMs deliver the results you expect.

  • High Noble
  • Noble
  • Titanium

Full Cast Gold

Our full cast crowns give your patients the durability, strength and functionality that you’re looking for.

  • High Noble
  • Noble

Custom Shading and Staining

Through our comprehensive and methodical custom shade appointments, Peebles Premier Ceramics is confident you will receive the most esthetic restoration available.

  • Detailed schematic of tooth and coloring
  • Photographs
  • Photos are analyzed through photo software