Removable Product Line

Peebles Prosthetics, Inc. can assist you with the best option available for the most comfortable fit and function. As a Full Service Dental Lab we can offer many options including complete and partial dentures, night guards, orthodontics and customized treatment planning by our expert technical advisers to help determine the best possible solution for your patient’s needs.

Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly


Complete Dentures

Peebles dentures are customized for the individual needs of your patients. Premium or Classic dentures, are available with:

  • Teeth varieties, including Vident, Dentsply and Ivoclar.
  • Customizable tissue shades
  • Gingival toning and staining
  • High-impact resin material

Partial Dentures

From a long term combination partial with crown & bridge to a short term appliance, we have a variety of partials available to meet your needs.

  • Metal (Vitalium or Wironium)
  • TCS (Flexible Resin)
  • All Acrylic
Partial Denture


Peebles Prosthetics, Inc. offers a wide variety of splints for TMD and occlusal therapy.
  • IPSO
  • Dawson
  • Kois
  • TMJ
  • Aspen
  • Remedese (Hard/Soft)
  • Bruxeze
  • NTI
  • Radiation
  • Yukna

Relines & Repairs

Peebles Prosthetics is all about serving your needs and accommodating your schedule, and that’s why we offer same-day relines and repairs.

Call us at (303) 462-3744 for details.