Tongue Lab continues its international expansion and signs a unique agreement with Peebles Prosthetics Inc. for local production and distribution of TRP in the US.

Paris, Denver, February 2, 2020. Thanks to strategic intervention of Clin. Prof. Sandra Coulson Tongue Lab maker of the TRP “Tongue Right Positioner” signs an agreement with Peebles Prosthetics, Inc.

This new alliance between Tongue Lab, the Coulson Institute and Peebles Prosthetics will create the first local American network treating with TRP patients suffering from tongue dysfunctions and consequences.

This collaboration has been initiated by Clin. Prof. Sandra Coulson, founder of the Coulson Institute and strategic business advisor for Tongue Lab. She introduced Mr. Rick Peebles CEO and founder of Peebles Prosthetics Inc. to Mr. JM Mauclaire, CEO and founder of Tongue Lab. Thanks to this tripartite collaboration Peebles Prosthetics Inc. will be able to manufacture and sell TRP in the US. For the Coulson Institute this is an exciting opportunity to educate healthcare professionals with new solutions.

This new collaboration is for us a major step toward success. It will enable expansion of our company in the United States

Mr. JM Mauclaire.

TRP is a unique connected medical device non-invasive, easy to use, designed to retrain the tongue. Stable recovery of its physiological functions, position and muscle tone has potential impact on oral-pharyngeal functions that include tongue thrust, atypical swallowing, mouth breathing, and orthodontic treatments. The TRP is currently protected by 3 international patents.

As explained by Clin.Prof. Coulson: “The TRP actually stimulates proper physiological functions rather than prevent effects of dysfunctions. It’s enhancing the function of Orofacial Myology. The TRP is created precisely for what we are aiming for. That is, tongue resting in the palate, consequently, achieving a lasting transformation. The TRP is going to revolutionize how we treat oral-pharyngeal functions’’.

“I signed with Tongue Lab because of promising results with Sandra Coulson’s methods. The TRP is the enhanced level of treatment. I am especially excited about the ability to treat children with the appliance.” said Rick Peebles.

About Tongue Lab

Tongue Lab, created in 2012 with operational headquarters in Paris, France, develops and sells the TRP, a patented and connected oral medical device designed to train the tongue. Nightly use of the TRP results in neuromuscular conditioning that enables the tongue to assume and maintain its physiological functions and position. With the TRP, Tongue Lab offers a solution that permanently corrects lingual dysfunctions, which in turn could potentially prevent or heal sleep breathing disorders. Designed for comfort and easy to use, the TRP is available for children and adults through healthcare professionals. Tongue Lab is committed to helping people of all ages improve their health and the quality of their everyday life. For more information, please visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.